07. June 2018.

4 examples of successful B2C marketing strategies

4 examples of successful B2C marketing strategies

According to the eMarketer report, B2C e-commerce sales in 2017 reached $2.304 trillion in the world. In view of this steep tendency, B2C e-marketers must be on top of the field to break through this competitive arena of e-commerce retailers. Here are some of the B2C marketing strategies that have really worked in the past.

1. Membership programs

Sephora, a famous cosmetic retailer that is one of the top in the industry, is a good example of B2C marketing strategies. Sephora has an exceptionally effective membership program for their customers called "Beauty Insider". The membership program is a merit-based program that categorizes customers in three different member levels: Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rouge. Each level has its own group of exclusive rewards.This B2C strategy is very effective because customers must spend a certain amount of money annually in order to increase membership status. The highest level of benefits (VIB Rouge) is so appealing to customers that it gives increased incentives to spend more so they can get to another level.

2. Compete in creative and exciting competitions

The market team at Frito Lay won a lot by investing in creative competitions. Their annual "Do Us A Flavor" contest continues to prove its success. The potato chip contest, which started in 2012, invited customers to submit new taste ideas for a chance to win 1 million dollars. Competition appears to be one of the more successful B2C marketing strategies because it utilizes the relationship between the company and their customers. The competition highlights the importance of the public opinion in terms of business decisions.

3. Social media

Consumers see on average over 3,000 advertising messages a day. When consumers sit down to watch their favorite TV show and the ad breaks, they go to their phones for a postponement. Consumers do not want to see a lot of advertising announcements on Twitter, but this is where e-commerce resellers like NastyGal perform exceptionally well. This brand uses humor and pop culture references to soften their ad messages and a significant amount of market research is clear as their messaging is spot-on for their target market. Because this brand has such committed supporter base, they have been able to increase sales by over 500% year, which was a great success.

4. Retargeting campaigns

Nordstrom has always been famous for an extraordinary customer service. They applied this in terms of their retargeting program. Consumers who shop online are easily distracted by all sorts of pop-ups, emails, chat windows, and so on. These interruptions produce a large number of abandoned carts. Marketers have found tools to combat these interruptions with major marketing strategies. Nordstrom triggered emails and cookie-driven ad campaigns displayed through customers social media, making it difficult to ignore the abandoned cart.

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