03. June 2018.

Has the mobile broadband become the main broadband?

Has the mobile broadband become the main broadband?

Over the past couple of years, it has become extremely popular among consumers to use mobile broadband - it can either be as a backup for home broadband, or you can even choose to replace regular with mobile broadband.

For example, there may be a lot of people in the household, and if everyone at home has as a minimum both a laptop, smartphone, and tablet, the network will, of course, be unbelievably crowded, resulting in slow and unstable networks - and it can be incredibly annoying, if you want to play a computer game or surf the web.

In situations like these, it's really smart either to have their own USB stick so you can log on to your own mobile broadband and thus do not disturb the others who are online too.

The difference between mobile broadband and traditional broadband

As more and more people begin to use mobile broadband rather than ordinary broadband at home, it means that mobile broadband prices obviously are getting lower, as demand is so high.

This means that you are now able to get your fingers in incredibly cheap mobile broadband and you can see a comprehensive list of the good deals when it comes to mobile broadband from the providers on the market right now.

But what's the difference between mobile broadband and traditional broadband really? In general, mobile broadband usually has a higher ping rate, which means that, of course, it's not the obvious solution for you if you want to play a computer game online that requires very fast responses.

Leading experts in the field, however, say that this may change when the 5G technology comes into force, but it will only apply in a couple of years.

How to know if mobile broadband will work with you

If you are unsure whether mobile broadband will be fast enough to cover your home consumption, you can always test this using a speed test or using your mobile subscription.

For example, you can choose to share your internet from your smartphone to your laptop computer using your sister's or companion's mobile subscription and try to stream from, for example, Netflix to check if it works and if the speed is pretty stable. This way you can quickly find out if it will be the right solution at your home, or if you just want to use the traditional broadband as usual.

It is thus possible to connect the entire household using mobile broadband rather than just yourself, and sometimes you may want to choose a wireless Wi-Fi router. That way, the signal becomes faster and more stable, so everyone in the family can easily be logged in at the same time, without significantly increasing the signal.

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