How implementing the UX Design (User Experience) on your website can improve your business

How implementing the UX Design (User Experience) on your website can improve your business
Web Design Lazar 24. March 2018.

The quality of the website is measured by several essential elements. One of them is unquestionably a visit duration. The longer the user stays on your website, he will get more information about the company and what it offers. This brings us to our main subject - UX Design.

UX design focuses on user experience. In order for a site to be of great quality by all criteria, it is necessary to make it impressive, efficient and easy to navigate. UX is important for everyone – from designers, trough companies to end users. A survey by Google shows that users form an opinion about a website in the first 50 milliseconds of their visit. It's good to have a nice and attractive website, but aesthetics cannot hide complicated menus and navigation structures or unusable content. Each site segment should be designed with the end-user in mind. Excellent UX design makes the website simple and pleasant to use. That kind of website navigate users where they want to be and to content, they want to see. If the screen has too many options at the same time, it can seem confusing to the user. The same rule applies for broken links. It is estimated that 50% of the developer's time is spent on correcting mistakes that could be avoided. These errors are mostly caused by incorrect assumptions about user behavior, confusing navigation that results in users getting lost or stuck. Making sure that design has been made in the right way from the very beginning saves a lot of resources and time later.

Successful companies like Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, and Google invest significant resources in their UX design and their success speaks for themselves.

UX solution finally becomes a key factor in business development. This type of design was around for a while now, but companies have only recently begun to turn to these solutions. There is a turning point, a departure from enterprise-focused solutions, and now everything is shifting to the UX that focuses on the user. This means that business success lies not only in the ability to satisfy the client but also in meeting the needs of the client in the best possible way.

Excellent user experience does not leave users indifferent. Marketing and analysts can do everything to anticipate the user's behavior, but in the end, users are generally lead by emotions. Although we cannot predict user’s expectations with 100% certainty, designing a great user experience are worth the time and effort. As technology develops continuously, it is increasingly important that companies implement the UX / UI design as part of their business strategy.

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