Mobile Application Trends in 2018.

Mobile Application Trends in 2018.
Mobile Development Lazar 01. June 2018.

Both the sale and use of apps are up and they rise steadily. Mobile apps have become a lifestyle for most of us. According to the recent surveys, we spend an average of 2 hours or more per day on apps. Of course, not all apps are used equally actively, but once the attention is focused on apps, one can hardly see anything other than apps anywhere - of different types, features, and intensities.

2-hour app usage per day is equivalent to 1 month out of the year's 12 months. It is (well said in Jutland) quite a lot when you think about it. That means that we spend one whole month of the year using our apps. At the same time, apps have become a lifestyle - an integral part of our lives.

When I look at my running apps it is revealed - to my own surprise - that I have used 10 apps before I have arrived at the office in the morning. According to a survey from 2017,  people use 10 apps on average over a day.

The amount of money that individuals spend on apps has almost doubled since 2016. It is expected that the total revenue from apps in 2018 will continue to rise and will get to the amount of the $ 110 billion.

The App Store and Google Play can celebrate big in 2018 because they both celebrate the 10th birthday this year. In the beginning, the App Store consisted of just about 50 apps. Today, there are more than 2 million apps in the App Store and over 3.5 million in Google Play. An average user download is 3 apps per month. And we are not talking about updates here -  those are only the new downloads.

This tendency, along with the fact that sales numbers from apps are becoming larger, may point out that users see a great value in apps and they don’t mind paying for quality applications.

An industry analyst, predicts a big future for augmented reality (AR) in apps. In addition to AR games like Pokemon Go and similar, the AR will become more mainstream in 2018, and the technology will be used in far more different app categories. At the same time, we are seeing an expanding interest in Home Assistants and related apps.

The future of apps is undoubtedly bright, both in technology and economics, and we at Croonus Technologies look forward to contributing to it with our solutions.

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