What has changed in the B2B world?

What has changed in the B2B world?
Web Development Stefan 18. May 2018.

Once upon a time, you would never see B2B companies use a fun video to promote a product or industry. Nevertheless, this has become the norm for many B2B companies - with great success! Other traditional B2C tools and methods have been implemented within B2B in recent years. How  B2B marketers can gain more success with B2C tactics.

1. Market with sentiment

In B2B marketing it is important to focus on products and benefits, but it is equally important to get hold of the feelings of your audience. It helps to create commitment and interest from their side. Of course, this is definitely easier for B2C marketers - their products are usually emotionally oriented to customers from the start. But this is not a completely foreign concept for B2B. After all, everyone wants to be understood and inspired.

2. Use your company's culture

Each company has its own culture. The culture can be based on a charitable cause, the workplace atmosphere or the employee's relationship. Do not be afraid to emphasize your culture through your marketing strategy.When you share details of your company life with your audience, you humanize and develop your brand. It shows that your company has a compassionate, humorous or even funky side. You can showcase elements in your culture on your website, blog and through social media.

 3. Price transparency

When people enter a B2C website, they expect to easily find prices. If they can not find prices right away, most customers will go to a site where they can. This idea also can be applied to B2B buyers. They want to see everything out front without having to call a sales representative. You can argue that B2B products and services are more complicated and difficult to attach a precise price to. Be honest about this, but give basic prices as the prospects can expect. This puts buyers at ease that your business is honest and upfront.

4. Simplify the purchase process

Everyone wants a streamlined process. B2C marketers have made an art of this - every purchase decision is made as simple and user-friendly as possible. Think about how easy it is to buy on Amazon; One click and you're done. 

Although this exact approach may be too simplistic for B2B purchases, you get the idea. Simple is better. This can be more complicated for companies that offer business-level solutions, but even small adjustments and simplifications can greatly enhance the buyer's experience.

5. Take more risks

It's time to throw the dusty steering wheel out and think outside the box that's easy to get used to. From product approval to customer evaluation, there is a wealth of B2B marketing methods to discover. Many B2C companies have taken on an adventurous marketing strategy, and their customers have responded with their appreciation.

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