About us.

This is a story about two students who wanted to establish their own company and who achieved it.

Croonus represents story about hard work, knowledge and young people who dared to dream big. A story about people driven by great energy, faith, and love for coding. Wonderful things can happen if you have a little bit of faith. We at Croonus believe in continuous growth and development and that is why we invest so much energy into our team and our clients.

Croonus is specialized for implementation of the web business solutions such as B2C eCommerce or B2B eCommerce. All B2C and B2B solutions are completely developed in our company which makes them custom made solutions prepared according your specific needs.

Our work process.


We begin with our projects with listening and interpreting our client's requests. This is the first step in our project development process.


The next steps are identifying goals and objectives and creating strategies to achieve them.


At this stage, everything is full of sketches, flow charts, drawings and all sorts of prototypes. This phase is all about architecture and structure.


Once the concept is done, it is time to get to work and start coding. This is when things start to get a shape.


Testing, testing, and more testing. We want everything to be finely tuned and perfect.


The final goal! It is time to sit back and enjoy.

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